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Go Fund Me Help Chance Wilder Onody Beat a Rare Blood Cancer

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It is only with your help and donations that we can continue his journey to beat this progressive disease and save his life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for your help.

We are fundraising for  Chance Wilder Onody to help him meet his monthly medical and nutrition needs while he fights a rare blood cancer that is threatening his life. The funds will also allow Chance to access ground-breaking new treatments that have shown success in treating blood cancers and rare diseases, when they become available for him.


Chance Wilder Onody,  is a musical virtuoso highly revered by his peers in the music industry. He passionately wants to continue his career in music and entertainment, which has been cathartic for him throughout this ongoing battle.



Link to GoFundMe:


“A person with health has a million dreams, a person without health has one” Tony Robbins.

Please help Chance regain his Health!

Chance Wilder Onody Channel

Chance Wilder Onody Channel


Original Composition

The Music That Was Us

Chance performs 

100 Instrumental Parts 

    25 1st Violin parts - performed on super piccolo bass

    20 2nd Violin parts - performed on super piccolo bass

    15 Viola parts - performed on piccolo upright & super piccolo bass

    12 Cello parts - performed on piccolo upright bass

    8 Double Bass parts - performed on Double bass, NS Design Electric Double Basses

    4 Acoustic Piccolo Bass parts - performed on Acoustic piccolo bass

        Lead - Acoustic bass

        Rhythm - Acoustic Bass

        Finger Plucked - Acoustic Bass

        Artificial harmonics

    1 Bass Guitar part - performed on Bass Guitar

    1 Lead Melody part - performed on Electric Bass Guitar

   2 Guitar Solos - performed on electric Bass

    1 Piano Solo - performed on Grand Piano

    1 Piano part - performed on Grand Piano

    1 Harp part - performed on keyboard

     4 Choir Parts - SATB performed on Keyboard

     2 Choir Parts - S - false harmonics - performed on Super Piccolo Bass

     2 Choir Parts - A - false harmonics performed on Super Piccolo Bass

     2 Choir Parts - T -  false harmonics parts performed on Piccolo Upright Bass

     2 Choir Parts - B -  false harmonics parts performed on Double Bass


Doane Perry

Legendary Drummer of Jethro Tull and  Laughing Gull Studio

On Drums and Percussion 

Chance Wilder Onody Channel

Chance Wilder Onody