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Chance Wilder Onody Channel

Chance Wilder Onody Channel

Chance Wilder Onody Channel


Original Composition

The Music That Was Us

Chance performs over 

100 Instrumental Parts in this release: 

    25 1st Violin parts - performed on super piccolo bass

    20 2nd Violin parts - performed on super piccolo bass

    15 Viola parts - performed on piccolo upright & super piccolo bass

    12 Cello parts - performed on piccolo upright bass

    8 Double Bass parts - performed on Double bass, NS Design Electric Double Basses

    4 Acoustic Piccolo Bass parts - performed on Acoustic piccolo bass

        Lead - Acoustic bass

        Rhythm - Acoustic Bass

        Finger Plucked - Acoustic Bass

        Artificial harmonics

    1 Bass Guitar part - performed on Bass Guitar

    1 Lead Melody part - performed on Electric Bass Guitar

   2 Guitar Solos - performed on electric Bass

    1 Piano Solo - performed on Grand Piano

    1 Piano part - performed on Grand Piano

    1 Harp part - performed on keyboard

     4 Choir Parts - SATB performed on Keyboard

     2 Choir Parts - S - false harmonics - performed on Super Piccolo Bass

     2 Choir Parts - A - false harmonics performed on Super Piccolo Bass

     2 Choir Parts - T -  false harmonics parts performed on Piccolo Upright Bass

     2 Choir Parts - B -  false harmonics parts performed on Double Bass


Doane Perry

Legendary Drummer of Jethro Tull and  Laughing Gull Studio

On Drums and Percussion 

Chance Wilder Onody's

Original Composition

"The Music That Was Us"


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Onody Performs over 100 instrumental parts in his latest Masterwork!

Doane Perry

of Laughing Gull Studios on 

Drums and Percussion


Chance Wilder Onody strives to create great music that is memorable in it's innovation. Onody on Bass has made musical history with the symphonic rock song "Crimson Wings"!  Nothing like this has ever been done before, many are calling this a masterpiece, an extraordinary achievement in music.

After you listen to "Crimson Wings" remember it is not an entire orchestra with choir, strings, flutes, horns, brass, organ and more, it is not a rock band with blazing guitars and blistering solos, it is one man on Bass creating that incredible experience!  


For info on the Basses used and the corresponding parts 

scroll down for video, seeing is believing

The Music That Was Us

FEELING GOOD teaser video over ONE MILLION VIEWS across social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Webpage, and growing daily on independent channels. Thank You!!!

Onody Attending 59th Grammy Awards 

EP "Dream" 5 Star Ratings 
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EP "夢 Dream"


"The Music That Was Us"

"I watched the video, absolutely wonderful!  You have accomplished a Masterpiece!"

Doctor Osamu Kitajima (Internationally renowned Producer, Composer, Artist)

"Just listened to the completed "The Music That Was Us" tonight.  "What an absolutely fantastic job!"  The whole thing sounds and looks superb!" -


Doane Perry (Laughing Gull Studio, Legendary Drummer Jethro Tull)


 Musical Masterpiece! Chance Wilder Onody is without a doubt an Exceptional Musician! He takes you on a peaceful and yet powerful journey that sends you into a euphoric sense of a Musical Heaven.  I Love this Masterpiece! Pure Genius!!!! - Coco233
 That was Beautiful! It brought so much emotion. Perfect timing when I feel hopeless, music is the only thing that gets me back on track. Thank you Brother - D.
  Absolutely Incredible!!! I cannot believe how intricate and moving all the melodies are! It's just phenomenal that one man played all this! The music is so emotional and beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Bravo! - Carol V.
 A Must Hear...."A symphony of Bass, Strings, Harmony and Luster" is as triumphant as springtime blossoming from winter...Bravo! Very Cool! - Kevin S.
  F#*#**# BRILLIANT!!!!! - Mark G.
  You know when you are in the presence of talent! Chance Wilder Onody!!! Chance is talent personified!! - Roy W.
 The Music is Poetry! - C. Garcia
 When music comes straight from the soul it is like this! - M. Ferreira
This melody is a key to the multiverse, every note evokes events lived and for living in multiple possibilities of causality..Like reading Ray Bradbury!!! Thank you for such great gift!!!! - Manuel A.
You are incredibly talented Chance. I loved every minute of listening to your music. Fantastic I will be listening to it many times over! - Janet W.
EXQUISITE! A remarkable listening Experience! To be able to see you playing the different instruments is to marvel at, Chance! You are an extraordinary Talent! - R. West
 Wow! Absolutely Amazing! Love It! Congratulations on another work of Art Chance! - Dorys  B.
Chance is a musical Artist of the highest caliber! - Lila M.
 Music that heightens the senses of emotions and memories! - Ernesto R.
The melody is amazing and wonderful!! If you close your eyes you can hear your soul and it brings you to your knees! - Lucio L.


 Extraordinary music! I can listen over and over and still discover parts that I didn't hear before that are pure magic! Wow, incredible! - Lynn W.
Congratulations, this melody takes me through time and space of my pleasant thoughts of life - Jose N.
Supremely talented. Loved it! - Jay S.
What beautiful Music, I forgot about all sorrows, what strength, May God Bless You Greatly! - Germana M.
 So Epic!!! - Prizm W.
Well Deserved! Congratulations Buddy more Accolades and Rewards await you! - Ted W.
Beautiful! Amazing musicianship! Masterpiece! Congratulations! - Barry O.
 Absolutely Love it!! Thank You! - Mindy H.
True Talent - Amazing! - Shirley L. 
 What a Beautiful Thing!!! Calms The Heart and Inspires Us!! Flavio O.
Impressive would be more than 100 compliments more only there is an explanation for so much talent is God in charge - Jone F.
Maximum express all the senses of the body, it's SPECTACULAR Congratulations! Abel C.
Perfect! - Eduardo C.
Excellent! - Alvaro C.
Soooo Beautiful....!!!! - Celso B.
Bellissimo!! - Lazara O.
Love You! - Sofia P.
 Incredible! - Linda S.
Nice! Very Nice! - Flores C.
Beautiful Music, Thank You!  Marv C.
WOW! Your work motivates me to keep studying and moving forward in music! You Are Big! Never lose humility! - Gerardo K.
Very Good! Fabulous! - Jabes S.
More Please! OutStanding!!!! - Oliver M.
What Great Work Chance! - Linda T.
What Beautiful Music, I Love!! - Esperanza T.
A Great Artist - Loides R.
Sooo Beautiful! - Leous S.
Wins you over! - Jesus V.
Very nice music! - Clementina Z.
Great Theme! - Cesar G.
So Much Beauty Love It ! - Ari L.
This is Mad! - Keven C.
 Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo! - Divina P.
I Like! - Cesar G.
Beautiful, wonderful hands! - Gloria G.
 Love! - Maria P.
Super! - Velazquez S.
Sick Bro!!! - John G.
Bass and my passion Love it! - Neuzita S.
Bravo Bravo Bravo - Jorge A.
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!! - Alberto C.
 Amazing! - Silvia
Very Happy Congratulations! - Marin M.
Excellent creation of sounds that come out of the soul, great interpretation and execution! - Eduardo D.
 Beautiful musical theme....Bravo!! - Jose M.
Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ivan W.
How Beautiful!! Beautiful Music that's Art! - Ady P.
My Congratulations what talent this is! - Darli M.
All Right. Amen! - Doval L.
Simply Fascinated Me! - Guadalupe Q.
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SHOW!!!!! - Marcio A.
Truly Awesome and Wonderful, Bravo, Bravo!! - Kevin S.
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Woah....Absolutely Awesome. So Beautiful this is going so stellar. Congratulations my friend!  
 Will share this with everyone I know it's truly talent at its best! - Linda T.
 Fantastic piece of musical work. Really Love It! Quite an accomplishment there - Kevin S.
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo - Cleier S.
Show! - Joao S.
Best Wishes and the Best Success Always, My Friend! Big Hug from Paraguay!!! 
Leave it to Chance! I Love You Man - TT. Sonchai
Very Very Good Sound! I'll be a fan of your works congratulations! - J. Mendoza
Blessed and very talented! - G. Oliveira
Hundreds upon hundreds of more wonderful comments on Social Media
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Chance Wilder Onody performs 100 instrumental parts in his Original Composition "The Music That Was Us"! Majority of parts performed on his many different Basses

Doane Perry, (Jethro Tull, Hall of Fame, Grammy Winner, Laughing Gull Studio) joins Onody on Drums and Percussion.

This is Chance Wilder Onody's first original compositional release from his growing catalogue of original works.

Every intricate element in this sweeping lyrical recording has its place in telling the story through multiple instruments and layers of melodies and counter melodies.  Onody combines multiple elements of the musical genres he loves in his composition, weaving classical, Rock , Folk, Pop and Jazz together.

"The Music That Was Us' is a follow-up to Chance Wilder Onody's "innovative, no boundaries style" that showcases the Bass as a lead instrument and shows it can perform any part of an orchestration at pitch.  Onody modified his instruments with special strings and tunings to achieve his vision.

It all started with Chance Wilder Onody's first single "Feeling Good" in which he performs 19 (nineteen) big band parts all on bass. The "Feeling Good" teaser video with multiple images of Onody performing 16 basses has over 1,176,333 views. 

This includes Facebook (706K); YouTube (393K); Instagram (67K) and continues to grow across independent sites (10K).

In his second single "Crimson Wings", Chance Wilder Onody performed all 64 (sixty four) parts of the Rock Symphony on Bass. Doctor O. Kitajima called the recording a Masterpiece starting with Onody's brilliant arrangement.  Onody had the great privilege of working with Doane Perry, Laughing Gull Studio, on this massive project,

two musicians sounding like an entire orchestra and rock band.

Chance Wilder Onody is often referred to as a virtuoso, a prodigy, and a master musician, in the press and by his peers.  Onody has a very distinctive sound and is known for his moving melodies, emotional improvisations, lush orchestrations and masterful arrangements.

"Chance you have touched my soul and changed the way I look at Bass" Harold "Hal" Henkel (producer, session player, The Flying Camels)

"Jaw Dropping", "He's the real deal"  Jonathan Moody (Bass Musician Magazine)

"A Master of Electric and Acoustic Bass" Jon Leibman (For Bass Players Only)

"No one can deny what a great musician he is.  Really exceptional!  He's incredibly good.  He's going to do great things, He IS doing great things!"  George Shelby (Solo Artist, Recorded with and performed with Beyonce, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Sting and many more)

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