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2021 Acting Photo.jpeg
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2021 Acting Photos For Upcoming Movies


Chance 2019
House Of Blues NS Design Bass with Hal Henkel
2018 NAMM Warrior Bass with Bartolini Pick Ups
Travelling again with FlyAway Bass
NAMM 2018 fun at Phil Jones
Pre NAMM Show NS Design
NAMM 2018
Chance Bass Player Live 2017
2017 Christmas Segerstrom Concert Hall
Bakithi Kumalo & Chance
Concert Time Of Year
Chance & Bakithi at NAMM
recording piano tracks
Green Screen set up for video
Green Screen
Chance during video 2017
59th Grammy Awards
Tsunami Cables
Recording Session NS Upright Bass
Chance's little buddy Mozart
Recording Session NS Violin
Recording Session NS Cello
Recording Session Vocals
Recording Session prep Original Song
Recording Session Violin as Bass
Laying down Strings
Producing Recording Session
Bass Player Live 2016
Bass Player Live 2016 Tsunami Cables
Recording Session adding Solo
Session work with Warrior
Bass Bash 2017 Solo
Working Live
Intricate Bass Lines
Shredding Live
Live Performance with NS Bass
Live with Warrior Bass
Intricate Bow Lines on NS
No Words : ) in the moment
Mozart Loves Bass
Phil Jones
Jamming with Harold Henkel at NAMM
NS Design Family
59th Grammys
59th Grammy Awards
Recording Session
Studio with Tsunami Cables
Recording Session Tsunami Cables
Songwriting Awards 2017

2017 Songwriting Awards

Bass Player Live
Lemur Music Demo
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