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 1. New Release EP"夢 (Dream)" 

Single "Crimson Wings" A Rock Symphony from Anime “Attack On Titan” 

Original Song “Guren no Yumiya” 

by Linked Horizon

Arrangement for Bass by Chance Wilder Onody

The story behind the recording:

It was early May 2015 and Chance had the opportunity to go back into the studio, with Producer Doctor Osamu Kitajima, and record another one of his own unique creative projects.  Chance loves to push musical boundaries and dares to create a whole new genre in music, bringing musicianship back to the forefront.


The concept Chance had come up with for this session was an arrangement of a powerhouse song from the amine series “Attack on Titan”.  Chance would perform all the instrumental parts on bass, except for the drums which the exceptional and legendary drummer Doane Perry would perform.


Chance’s first challenge was the score, the process of actually writing out the arrangement.  With limited time to put it all together Chance wasted no time, he spent many pain staking hours at the computer charting all the parts, days would go by and he would still be sitting in the same chair writing.  The writing was both exciting and frustrating for him.  He heard so many wonderful parts in his head and he had to decide what sections he would keep and which ones to let go.  It took 7 days and he had a 98 page arrangement ready to take into the studio.


Check out Chance’s Facebook Artist page for his personal comments on the project.

The big challenge was to perform the entire rock symphony only on five different Basses.  Did we mention that he doesn’t do anything that is easy?!

While in the writing process, Chance put the call out for the instruments he was going to need to accomplish this complex and intricate recording. 

Thanks go out to Core Redonnett, and the great folks at NS Design for sending the NS NXT5 Cello and the NXT5F Violin.  Chance modified the instruments tunings and used specialized strings to change them into a piccolo bass and a super piccolo bass.  


Special thanks go out to our favorite place for anything Bass, Lemur Music, for helping us get all the instruments ready for the studio session.


We are also ecstatic that Chance got to record with the extraordinary Pollmann Busseto Bass, thanks to Toni Buffa of LEMUR MUSIC, we feel so blessed to have this instrument for the project.  This bass has special meaning for Chance. 

With Instruments in place now it was time to figure out what instrument will be used for what part. This was an ongoing process throughout the recording session to see which one fit best with the developing tracks and overall sound development. 


Chance worked out the parts on his Warrior bass...he received this bass at his first NAMM show 7 years has been a mainstay in his creative process and a work horse in recording sessions. 

Time to pack up and head to the studio, two vehicles full of instruments.  Our destination East Quest Recording Studio in Woodland Hills.


Now it was time to get down to work!  Instruments were in the sound room set up, and Chance and Dr. Osamu Kitajima were in the control room getting all the prep work done to start the session.  First Step:  Make sure all the tempo changes are highighted and set up in a master guide to lay the tracks down on. Precision is the key with this big of an orchestration.


While Chance set up instruments, Osamu was busy setting up the board for the recording session!  We love the warm sound of analog recording. Couldn't wait to get started!


The stack of music pictured (98 pages) is Chance’s arrangement of the powerful rock symphony!  It was so great to hear Dr. Osamu Kitajima say he likes Chance’s arrangement better than the original!!!! WOW!!!

The Team who worked on this recording: 

Dr. Osamu Kitajima:  World Renowned Producer 

Doane Perry:  Drummer Extraodinaire (Jethro Tull)

Chance Wilder Onody:  Brilliant Multi Talented Instrumentalist, Composer and Arranger

Tara Wilder Onody:  Executive Producer bringing everyone together, working behind the scenes to make it happen, third set of ears in every session, made sure project stayed true to artist's vision, and added her good luck to the sessions

Travis Dickerson:  Mixing and Mastering talent bringing his years of expertise 

Quick summary of the challenges faced:

As it turned out, as the project progressed each team member had tremendous challenges to overcome in order to achieve their triumphant success in this huge project. None more than Chance, who was involved in every tiny detail of every stage of the recording process as he brought his vision to life.

Chance was taking on 34, which turned into 64, instrumental parts and co-produced everything!  The challenge was huge, and how he delivered every performance to his perfectionist nature while performing only to a click track is an extraordinary achievement. In addition he overcame all the challenges that presented themselves in this monster session, stayed true to his vision, and created what is being called a masterpiece, an astounding & illustrious achievement.

Doane was taking on the rock drum performance. In the end his famous distinctive drum sound was added to the recording,  he also went above and beyond to create an incredible drum arrangement to complitment Chance's intricate and complex work, a tremendous achievement.

Dr. Osamu Kitajima was taking on the challenge of bringing it all together as a producer, while engineering the project!  It turned into a monumental task pushing the studio equipment to it's capacity. The challenge of capturing the developing orchestration and all of Chance's demanding virtuosic performances, while dealing with all the building bass frequencies, is a phenominal achievement.

Travis Dickerson was brought in for the final mix. He was faced with the challenge of merging the lush detailed orchestration with the driving rock band to find the perfect balance. While dealing with all those tracks of fabulous bass frequencies, another formidable achievement.

Tara was faced with the challenges of raising funds to keep the project going, a highly stressful job but she brought it all in without stopping the sessions, another remarkable achievement.

We are so proud of the dedication of this incredible team.  

Now how it was done:

The Beginning:  Chance starts the recording process with his Warrior Electric Bass.  

He is set up in the sound room surrounded by his instruments as he puts the first bass line down which is 6 pages long... Yes, this is going to be an EPIC recording session. This is the foundation everything is going to build on. Chance is recording without the benefit of the drums because of Doane's busy schedule.  So all the feel you hear is from Chance recording to a click track.

Chance moves into the Control Room and plugs the bass directly into the control board, to get a clean sound for this next intricate section!  Again precision is the key for the first tracks, everything else builds on what he lays down now.

Next Up the POLLMANN BASS:  This combination is awesome, Chance the monster player and the remarkable Pollmann bass.  Check out his Facebook or webpage, there is an incredible video of him warming up the bass...the feel and speed he plays at is just amazing.  Chance moved this bass around the sound room until he found the best location for the bass to speak it’s beautiful voice.  Each spot resonates differently.   Once location is chosen Osamu sets up the mics to record this beautiful acoustic instrument.  You won’t believe what section he is recording using this bass! check out the instrument allocations.

Next up the NS NXT5 electric Cello.  Man oh man, Chance just rocks out on this instrument using the bow.  Even Dr. Osamu Kitajima smiles and turns to watch him saying “How does he do that?  Just amazing!”

Chance listens back to the take, liking the results!  He put the NS NXT5 Cello to the test and it delivered!  Moving on to the next section.  Love the setting he is in, Chance is flanked by the big acoustic basses. Perfect place for him.

Chance started using pedals to create the sounds he was wanting to hear, as the session progressed so did the collection of pedals.

Moving back into the Control Room to record another intricate part, the French Horn using the Warrior bass.  It is such a haunting sound and gives me goose bumps when I hear it in the mix.

Dr. Osamu Kitajima is an amazing producer to work with for Chance, they are both perfectionist and pay attention to the tiniest detail.  They seem to be on the same wave length.  Osamu watching Chance working up the next part of the orchestration, he often commented that he could not believe all this music was coming out of just one musician!

Doane stops by the session on his way to a radio interview to talk about his years with Jethro Tull, and his involvement with Chance’s project.   So awesome, we have press before the project is done! 

Osamu back at the control board reviewing the music and setting up for the next instrument to be recorded.  Chance thrives on the challenge of doing something no one has done before, and he is working with the perfect partner to do that,  Dr. Osamu Kitajima!

Short sweet day in the studio, got to hear the beautiful sound of the cello!  But we had to make a panic run to get the instrument fixed, gratefully it all worked out!  Big thank you goes out to Jason at LEMUR MUSIC for coming to the rescue and making the instrument sing again, the bridge has moved! You are AWESOME!

Today is a great day, Chance picked up the violin for the first time and laid down some beautiful tracks....I am in a state of shock!  How does he do it! The risks he takes aren’t a risk at all to Chance!  He just believes he can do it, so he does! Chance jokes "Look mom, I'm a violinist" with the violin in a caddy he plays the most beautiful line.  The string section is big and bowing with the French Bow is different from his usual German Bow, so his hand cramped up a little, didn’t stop him, Chance just stretched his hand and went back to work...Amazing musician!

It’s great to hear Chance, get excited about the string parts he wrote! He is feeling a sense of pride in his accomplishment in the arrangement today.  The orchestration is really starting to come to life, as Chance records all the violin and viola parts.

Doctor Kitajima smiles while listening to the tracks as they build...there is magic in what these two great talents create....they really work close together and share a perfectionists ear.  

Moving on to another instrument. Chance brings the Cello out again and experiments with different sounds he can create!  Doctor listening....There is a mutual appreciation of talent here and strong collaboration in creating this most remarkable project!

Chance discusses the ideas he has for the next part with Doctor, how he wants it to sound!  Chance makes an emergency run to Guitar Center to try out some effects pedals...The huge choir part in the song he wants a certain sound for, so he is on the hunt for another pedal...Chance got so excited when he found a pedal that delivers the sound he was wanting!

Chance back in the studio with the sound he wants for the choir!

Again Doctor Kitajima can’t believe all this music is coming out of just one musician! Doctor and Chance are the perfect team, their love for what they do is infectious and they are both genius when it comes to music! Lots of laughter in the studio when it comes together.

Chance coming up with the sound of the flute.  It is just amazing how he manipulates the bow and how he plays so it sounds just like a flute.

Back to the Cello and another beautiful and mesmerizing sound fills the room.


Doane Perry arrives and the dream team goes over the tempo changes in the arrangement to prep for Doane to lay down the drums.

The beautiful and powerful Taiko Drum!  Doctor taught Chance the intricacies of the performance in using the Taiko Drum!  You have to hear this in the recording, the command it projects is magical!


The Melody Line and the Lead Solos need to stand out from the orchestration.......Chance once again searching for the right sound that will be epic on both the NS Upright and the Warrior!


Back to shopping for another pedal.  While working to find the right sound in the store, people stand in the background watching and listening to Chance...


To our surprise and delight, Chance created a new fan base at the store.  When we were leaving, people were coming up and thanking Chance for playing!  That made our day, it’s great when people appreciate what you do!

This has been one of those weeks where everything was going wrong...the sound needed for the lead instrument not happening!  Chance tries everything he can think of, changing strings...try another instrument...change strings equipment not working..instruments needing equipment stopped working... things over heating... waterline breaks back home... cancel session to take care of water the heat is out of control and air conditioning problems occur...crazy heat, crazy traffic, crazy week... 


Worst of the week and to top it off, Chance had a truly scary health crisis and we had to stop the session again. 


Chance overcame every issue, every challenge and delivered on the music big time!  


His determination and commitment is inspirational!


I remember the moment in the studio when it all came together, adversity melted away and brilliance happened!


Thankfully this week is over...and it ended well!

Chance was so determined to have the NS bass be the instrument that would ultimately be used for the melody line.....but it was such a challenge to record the sound...what ever was happening in the studio, he had to give up recording in the sound room...He moved into the control room again and after trial and last they found the set up that the bass liked.... and Chance liked the sound... the NS finally got to be the featured instrument in the melody line!

Ok going back to the Piccolo Bass (modified cello) for the guitar solos!  No not the right sound....disappointed Chance brings out some new toys and sets up with the Warrior bass to pull off the solo leads.


Not sure if it was the frustration he was feeling from the challenges of the instruments not performing they way he wanted,  but when he picked up the Warrior,  Chance was just on fire!!!!!!!!!...his fingers were so fast they were a blurrr..check out his Facebook page for a recorded solo.  Chance just up and flashed down the blistering lead rock guitar take done! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!


This is the same musician that performed all the lush orchestrations and then turns around and absolutely rocks out!!!  WOW!!!

Time to add the amazing instrument, another flavor to be added to the sound track...Chance was beaming when this instrument came out...he watched as Doctor O Kitajima tuned the KOTO...this instrument records so beautifully...I could see Chance smiling from the inside out when Doctor played the KOTO... 


Chance wants to add one of these instruments to his collection one day! : )

More flavors added...Chance takes a stone pick and plays the was amazing how well it sets up different sections in the orchestration..


The magic that is Chance, hearing a phenoninon that was happening in the studio with feed back, Chance quickly grabs the Warrior and creates the sound of wind and then adds a heart beat...

Chance just completed all his parts!!! 


What a remarkable journey, 64 tracks of music all from one musician....The sound is out of this world phenomenal and his musicianship is extraordinary...


Now we are waiting for Doane Perry to add his magic to the session!  Doane delivers big time even beyond our expectations with all his extraordinary drum parts.


Then the big job of mixing it all together....I can’t wait to share this great work with you!

The extraordinary work and talent it took to create this recording will always make it a project of remarkable merit and of great distinction!  Chance is the first to create this NEW music!


It’s remarkable that only one musician performed all the instrumental parts, then add, it is only on one type of instrument!

This immense project merges classical & rock music in such a unique and profound way, proud to be a part of it!

Next Up The Mixing:

Just before the mixing process, which took days, Chance has an accident.

Near tragedy, Chance was changing a flat tire when the jack slipped and the bar with the weight of the car fell onto his hand, smashing it into the pavement.  Those precious and valuable fingers, we held our breath in the ER, anxiously waiting on X-rays.  Chance has angels watching over him, no broken bones. Huge sigh of relief.


After four days of pain & agony and no movement in his finger, the swelling finally went down and Chance could move his finger!!!  With that news Chance went straight back to the studio to begin the mixing process. 

Meeting of minds on the Mix.  We discuss the importance of delivering Chance’s vision!  Then we go over how to approach the mixing process to achieve the impact we want the song to have! 


This is going to be a challenge, so many tracks with so many parts that need to be heard. Not only Chance’s many parts, but Doane Perry’s many drum parts as well!  


Doane put so much time and thought into his arrangement of the drums, so they would compliment and enhance everything that Chance was doing.  He is phenomenal!

This was a great meeting. Ideas were shared and a strategy emerged!  This is a Dream Team!   We can’t thank Osamu and Doane enough for their substantial dedication and contributions to this project!

Note: Chance’s finger still taped up but healing.  The one thing about a musician, you cannot keep an instrument out of their hands.  Even the night we came home from the ER, Chance picked up a bass just to hold it.   Few days later he was playing, pushing through the pain to play a part he was hearing in his head.  He just can’t help himself  he has to create music. Chance is doing what he is meant to be doing, he inspires me!

After hours and days in the control room at East Quest Studio, where we recorded every one of Chance's performances, we think we have a good mix!  Still need to send it out to get feedback, but feeling good about this one.  Working with over 80 tracks of music the mixing process is complex and time consuming, especially with all the bass frequencies we are dealing with.  The other challenge we want the instrument voices to be heard in the lush orchestrations but also need to have the driving rock to create the energy in the song.   That balance is so crucial to create the right listening experience.  


From this preliminary mix we will go to another studio for the final mix and mastering.  Doane Perry is instrumental in getting us to Travis Dickerson’s studio, where we will get that bottom end rocking.  Our adventure continues.....

Osamu and Tara at the console celebrate finishing the recording process and initial mix at his studio.

Now we are at Travis Dickerson’s Recording Studio to mix and master.  


Travis’s studio is well equipped to give us the edgy rock sound we need, and to create the separation in the mix for the intricate parts of the orchestration to be heard.   This is a very challenging mix and we are so grateful we have the best in the industry to help us.


We thought we had a good initial mix, until we heard a rough mix come out of this studio. Doane Perry hooked us up with Travis to add the rock power to the song.  We had an orchestration mix that we liked, but adding the power engine of the rock drums and bass to drive the song, now we have exciting entertainment!  


Travis works closely with Chance in this process so Chance’s vision of the work comes to life. We will hear all the colors in the arrangement of the fast moving orchestration, and the rock energy of driving drums and bass. This takes a talented skill set to accomplish this task in the mix.


After being picky about the overall sound and how we want the music to flow, making sure the listening and entertainment value remain strong in the balance, it really was just nit picking. But when you have something truly great you do not want to fall short on its presentation.   


I can’t stop the smile that brightens my face when I sit back and just appreciate the scope of the project and the music Chance has created.  Who would believe that all this extraordinary music is just bass and drums. 


This project is a first for all of us who worked on it, that is quite remarkable as we were working with professionals who have been in the business for over 40 years.  Then along comes a young brilliant musician with a big vision, and we are all engaged in a project that is truly history in the making and that excitement is infectious!  


So proud of what the entire team accomplished on this extraordinary project.

The Team 

Chance Wilder Onody, 

Doctor Osamu Kitajima,

Doane Perry,

Travis Dickerson,

Tara Wilder Onody

2. "Crimson Wings" Instruments Used & Corresponding Parts

Chance Wilder Onody

Performing Melody, Leads, Entire Orchestration & Rock Band on Bass! Sixty-four (64) organically performed parts.

Lead Melody: Bowed NS CRM4 Electric Upright using Hoyer Bow & Warrior Electric

Bass Guitar Lead Harmonies: Bowed NS CRM4 Electric Upright using Hoyer Bow & Warrior Electric Bass Guitar

Bass Rock Solo: Warrior Electric Bass

Lead Rock Guitar Solo 1: Warrior Electric Bass

Lead Rock Guitar Solo 2: Warrior Electric Bass

Choir: Soprano 1, Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 1, Alto 2, Alto 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Tenor 2, Bass 1, Bass 1, Bass 2, Bass 2: All Bowed on NS NXT5 Piccolo Bass & Bowed NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass

Orchestra Strings: Violin 1,Violin 1,Violin 1; Violin 2, Violin 2,Violin 2; Violin 3, Violin 3,Violin 3; Viola 1, Viola 1; Viola 2, Viola 2; Cello 1, Cello 1, Cello 2, Cello 2: All Bowed on NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass & Bowed NS NXT5 Piccolo Bass

Organ: NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass

Flute 1 & Flute 2: Bowed NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass

Oboe: NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass

French Horn 1, French Horn 2, French Horn 3: All on Warrior Electric Bass

Trumpet 1, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 3, Trumpet 3, Trumpet 4, Trumpet 4, Trumpet 5, Trumpet 5: All on NS NXT5F Super Piccolo Bass

Trombone 1, Trombone 2: Bowed NS CRM4 Upright Bass

Rhythm Rock Guitar: Bowed NS NXT5 Piccolo Bass Upright

Bass: Pollmann Busseto Bass from Lemur Music

Bass Guitar: Warrior Electric Bass

Timpani: Pollmann Busseto Bass from Lemur Music

Wind Sounds: Warrior Electric Bass

Heartbeat: Warrior Electric Bass

Chimes: Chimes with Stone Pick

Taiko Drum: Taiko Drum #2

Doane Perry

Drums & Percussion

Dr. Osamu Kitajima

Taiko Drum #1 & Koto

Crimson Wings
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