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Chance Wilder Onody proudly represents the following family of companies and their products.


The demands of Onody's intricate, dynamic and virtuosic craft requires equipment that can deliver the results he strives for.  It is so important as an evolving master virtuosic performer that his equipment be dependable and of the quality he needs to deliver the exaction of his powerful and ambitious performances.  Onody is grateful for and greatly appreciates his growing family of endorsers, their valuable support of his developing career and the high quality equipment they provide. 

            1. NS Design

Chance Wilder Onody has been an NS Design Artist since 2012, and loves his NS Design family, their instruments, and the support they give him as he ventures into new territory in music and instrumentation. Chance has been a regular NS Design Artist representing and demonstrating their award winning products at NAMM and Bass Player Live.

Chance has performed on many of the NS Design instruments and recommends them all.  The instruments listed below are the ones currently being used by Onody and he really likes the bow sound they deliver:

1.  NS CR4M Double Bass:  Chance's favorite instrument and integral to his signature sound, this has been used in many recording sessions and performances, and is the lead instrument in both "Crimson Wings" & "Feeling Good".  

2.  NS NXT5 Cello:  Chance modified this instrument, turning it into a piccolo bass for "Crimson Wings" and "Feeling Good".  Chance loved how it delivered everything he asked of it, even rocking out some great grunge guitar sounds.  

3.  NS NXT5F Violin:  Chance modified this instrument to a super piccolo bass.  This was a main stay in the studio used for the majority of the parts in the "Crimson Wings" orchestration,  again this instrument really delivered on everything demanded of it on such a huge project. 


                 2.Tsunami Cables

Chance Wilder Onody proudly joined the Tsunami family as an endorsed Artist in 2015.  Chance swears by the sound quality of these cables and loves the custom made cables & service.


                 3. Bartolini Pickups & Electronics

Onody has been a long time user of Bartolini pickups that help create his signature sound with his Warrior Bass Guitar.   When approached at Bass Player Live 2016 for an Artist endorsement with the company,  Onody was honored to join the family of Bartolini endorsed Artists.  Chance tests pick ups for the Upright Bass.


            4.Warrior Instruments

 This was Chance Wilder Onody's very first endorsement company!  He joined Warrior in 2007 at just 16 years old when he recieved the Warrior DMB24 Dran Michael/Isabella Custom Bass.  This is the bass Chance does all his electric bass guitar work on, the instrument he uses to compose, work out his complex arrangements on, and is his signature sound.



           5. Phil Jones Bass

Onody joined the Phil Jones Bass family of great Artists in 2016 and is using the Roadcase (BG-800).  The amp supports the power Chance needs and the clarity of his intricate playing style, on both his NS CR4M Upright Bass and his Warrior Electric Bass.  Loud guitar amps won't bury the bass with this powerful rig.                         


                         6. Lemur Music 

This company is Family! Chance has been with Lemur Music from the beginning of his career in 2005.  They always made sure Chance had a bass in his hands.  It was Toni Buffa who first told Chance that he really was a Solo Artist and should pursue it.  "Why fit in when you should stand out!"   The Bjoern Stoll and the Pollmann Busseto Bass are Chance's favorites, each instrument has a personality of it's own and a player knows when they have met their perfect match.  Chance also has aquired several Bows through Lemur,  a good bow is key to crafting a great performance.  Chance is known for his bowing style and it is one of Chance's trademarks as a player.  Onody highly recommends Lemur for all your bass needs.

               7.  TecAmp

Chance joined TecAmp in 2012 and uses the Puma500, Pleasure Board and Pleasure Pump. Chance enjoys the great tone control and clarity the amp delivers in a very light weight and easily portable design.  On stage the Pleasure Board powered by the Pleasure Pump is a great feature especially in large arenas to be able to accurately feel what is being played in real time, it's like having a monitor at your feet.

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