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Story of "The Music That Was Us"

This was a journey of tenacity and perseverance but the ultimate reward was the completion of this amazing work.

Watching this composition come together was an incredible experience. Chance composed the song on the acoustic "Sir Toby" bass, starting with that incredible hook that opens the song and leads us on an emotional musical journey. When I heard it I said that is the song we are going to record next!

In the studio Chance had so much music in his head that when he sat down at the keyboard to create a work track for recording the song, this is how it went. When he played the melody for the Intro before he could go on he had to go back and do the whole arrangement of that section. Then he moved onto the verse, again before he could go on he had to go back and do the orchestral arrangement for that section. The chorus was the same experience, the song was building and building with all these intricate melodies ,counter melodies, complex harmonies and lush orchestrations. Doctor Kitajima and I,  couldn't believe what he was doing but were caught up in the excitement, energy and this journey we were on. By the time Chance had finished playing the melody through for the first time the entire song was orchestrated. Truly amazing!!  


Chance was on a roll and started the second song this time he composed and orchestration the entire song with the melody in his head. Unfortunately a shocking accident happened, the studio computer crashed and we lost his 50 tracks of recording.  It was a set back that took months to recover from, Chance finally found a way to work with the tracks he could retrieve.  It still took us a long time to get back into the studio. 


In the meantime we released the teaser video of "Feeling Good" with Chance performing 16 basses, and that had a tremendous response with a million views across social media platforms. 

We set up studio time with Travis Dickerson to get project going again, then Chance suddenly got sick and ends up in the ICU fighting for his life from a deadly infection. This truly scary incident set us back again. Thankfully Chance recovered enough to bring him home, we were all so grateful to get Chance out of the hospital, but it would be a very long recovery period. 


Listening to Chance's music and how powerful and beautiful it was made me more determined than ever now to get his music recorded, it took on a whole new importance. People needed to hear and experience his music.

Chance was home for less than a week and he was to appear a Bass Player Live for his endorser NS Design.  I told him just do a short set then I'd take him home.  But as soon as the instruments were in his hands he played for nearly six hours, it was therapeutic and he was inspired.  The music that was coming out of him was breathtakingly beautiful. However he got run down and back to the ER.  Chance struggled through his recovery and whenever he was up to it we would go into the studio with Travis Dickerson. 


To fix the retrieved tracks he had to redo all his parts, this time Chance played multiple instruments all tuned in fourths so he could play them like a bass.  The orchestrations and instrumentations grew and grew as the song developed and came to life. Then we sent the tracks to Doane Perry at Laughing Gull studio to add his magic with drums and percussion.


We had filmed Chance while he was performing all the different instruments in the studio.  We took that footage and created the music video. Seeing is believing!! 

Now we were done, we had this most incredible music in our hands! People who heard it were calling it a Masterpiece, Chance had once again created new music!  The music is unlike anything on the market so we wanted to see how people would relate to the song. Was there a market for great musicianship and original orchestrated, genre bending, and genre defying music?   


Chance has been told repeatedly by people who heard him perform to keep doing what he is doing, they would say "Don't let anyone change the way you play or the music you create because people need to hear and experience it, there is no one like you!  Corey Redonnett his Artist Rep. from NS Design has always told Chance to be true to what he does.  "The Music That Was Us" was going to be a testament of who Chance Wilder Onody is as an Artist and we were going to see how people would respond. 


January 15, 2019 we released The Music That Was Us, the response worldwide has been truly amazing and conformational.  Read some of the comments on the landing page (Solo Artist).  The emotional responses are extraordinary.  Now we know Chance Wilder Onody's original compositions are his future in music!   


Tara Wilder Onody

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