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Chance Wilder Onody Music/Acting Bio


Solo Artist/Composer/Arranger/Producer/Actor


Chance Wilder Onody is one of those rare instrumental artists that comes along once in a lifetime!


Chance Wilder Onody is called a prodigy, a virtuoso and a master musician in the press and by his peers!  He is known for his very distinctive sound, emotional melodies, and lightning improvisations. Chance is self taught, he is gifted with a natural talent that seems to know no bounds. 


After the release of Chance Wilder's composition "The Music That Was Us" a new career in music evolved.  As a composer Chance Wilder Onody’s lush orchestrations and masterful arrangements has film producers pursuing him to compose film scores. Currently Chance is signed to compose music for 8 Films for the following Companies 1. NEWAY FILM: (2 films) a) X The End Time  b) Searching For You 2. MASTER SHOT MOTION PICTURES LTD.(2 films) a) Warrior Of Eight Flags b) Life For Mile  3. NIGHT VISION PRODUCTIONS (4) Films: a) The Changed b) Devils Highway c) Murder by Breakfast d) Ocassus. 


His music career in films came about from his pursuit of musical innovation, and from his no boundaries style. Chance loves to weave intricate moving melodic parts together of all genres of music in his composing and arranging, each part telling a story. Chance has such a deep connection to the music he creates that even when it is just him on a single instrument it creates a deep emotional connection with audiences, and that is what movie producers are wanting from Chance that musical emotional connection in their films. 


“The Music That Was Us” is Onody’s original composition where he performs one hundred (100) instrumental parts to create an entire orchestration on bass, with a lyrical piano for texture. This production took nearly a year to bring to life and once The Music That Was Us, was released it received critical acclaim worldwide and continually reaches more and more audiences who are asking for more. The Music That Was Us was instantly garnered a masterpiece on its release. The video of Chance performing multiple instruments to bring this song to life is on his webpage 


Chance Wilder Onody is active with the Grammy organization to protect musicians rights.  Onody has had many milestone achievements in his young career.  Since the age of fifteen (15), Onody's distinctive sound, creative hook lines, blistering improvisations and jaw dropping melodies, had him in high demand as a studio musician. As a professional musician Onody has over 236 music credits on commercially released recordings in the United States.


Chance is endorsed by several music industry companies including, NS Design (Ned Steinberger), Tsunami Cables, Bartolini Pick-ups and Electronics, Warrior Instruments, Phil Jones Bass, Lemur Music, and Tech Amp with more companies pursuing Chance Wilder Onody to represent their products.


Chance Wilder Onody started his career in classical music and has performed many prestigious solo performances around the world. He was the first bass soloist since Gary Karr to perform with the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra, with conductors Dean Anderson and Zun Hin Woo. He was the first bass soloist to ever perform with the Siam Sinfonietta in Thailand, with conductors Dean Anderson and S.P. Somtow. During that tour Onody also conducted his first International Bass Master Class at the age of twenty-one (21) for the Siam Philharmonic. 


Onody's debut as a bass soloist took place on an international stage, at the age of seventeen (17), performing with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and the Irvine Young Concert Artists in Seoul, South Korea. This performance was under the direction of Maestro Young Kyu Song and Executive Director Albert Wu. During the 2008 Olympics in China, Chance was the first Bass soloist to perform with an orchestra on the Great Wall of China. 


Chance Wilder Onody has performed as Principal Bassist with over twenty-one (21) symphonies and orchestras, he has sat as Principal Bass for Millennial Choirs and Orchestras from 2010 to 2022. His credits are long and impressive for such a young performer.


Chance gained worldwide recognition for his solo recordings which he Produced. First was “Feeling Good” where he arranged and performed nineteen (19) instrumental parts on bass. His long time bandmates of the group of “chris geralmo and g.o.d.” joined him on this recording.  “Feeling Good” was an instrumental experiment featuring the bass to demonstrate it could stand out as a lead instrument.  This recording garnered rave reviews from fans and peers worldwide.  


Next was “Crimson Wings” Chance produced, arranged and performed sixty-four (64) parts on bass, this entire production, other than drums and percussion, was performed only on bass. This project was an immense undertaking in pushing the boundaries of music and what could be achieved on bass.  Chance’s peer and co-producer hail his arrangement and virtuosic performances as brilliant. His internationally renowned co-producer Doctor Kitajima and legendary drummer Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) who worked with Chance considered Crimson Wings to be a masterpiece, nothing like this had ever been done before.


“The Music That Was Us” took Chance even further into mastery, he composed and performed all one hundred (100) parts using only bass for the entire orchestration, choir, lead instruments and added a melodic piano for texture. “The Music That Was Us” earns worldwide acclaim continually and is considered a masterpiece in composition, and virtuosic musicianship. This composition and performance has taken Chance to a whole new level of artistic excellence and recognition. 


Film producers that heard The Music That Was Us, were quick to contact Chance to have him compose for their films. The pandemic has slowed film production, however Chance has many projects in the queue ready to begin when film production starts again.


Besides his Solo Career, Onody also enjoys rocking the house with the alternative/folk/rock group “chris gerolmo and g.o.d” they have been together since 2011.  In 2023 the band is releasing a series of YouTube videos of their current music performed live in the studio, on Chris Gerolmo's YouTube channel. Onody loves what he does and it shows, his enthusiasm for music is infectious and what he does as a musician is extraordinary.

Chance Wilder Onody has ventured into acting as another outlet for his artistic talent. Chance is excited to be signed with Diana Carter of ARYKA'S & YBOT'S PR / MGT Firm which is a strategic Public Relations & Talent Management Firm based in North Hollywood, California this is for his acting, music and entertainment career.


As an actor Chance Wilder Onody has a list of films he is slated for with more exciting things in the works with his new Management company, keep a close watch on his IMDB page for coming projects.   


Past performances for acting were in American Trash (2022); Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Crash (2020); Kingdom - TV Series (2014); Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories - TV Series (2014) and "With Great Power-The Stan Lee Story (2010).

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