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Chance Wilder Onody is one of those rare instrumental artists that comes along once in a lifetime!

Chance Wilder Onody is called a prodigy, a virtuoso and master musician in the press and by his peers!  Onody loves to be musically innovative by creating music and performances that will be memorable. He continues to push musical boundaries to the point of doing what has never been done before, in the process creating "new" music.  Onody has a very distinctive sound and is known for his moving melodies, emotional improvisations, lush orchestrations and masterful arrangements.

"The Music That Was Us” is a follow-up to Chance Wilder Onody's "innovative, no boundaries style" that showcases the Bass as a lead instrument and shows it can perform any part of an orchestration at pitch.  Onody modified his instruments with special strings and tunings to achieve his vision.

In his 3rd single release “The Music That Was Us” in January 2019, Onody performs 100 instrumental parts, the majority on Bass.  This is Chance Wilder Onody’s first original composition released from his growing catalogue of original works.  Every intricate element in this sweeping lyrical recording has its place in telling the story through multiple instruments and layers of melodies and counter melodies.  Onody combines several elements of the musical genres he loves in his composition, weaving Classical, Rock, Folk, Pop and Jazz together. 

It all started with Chance Wilder Onody’s first single “Feeling Good” in which he performs 19 big band parts all on bass. He was joined on this recording with members of the band “chris geralmo and g.o.d.”.  The “Feeling Good” teaser video featuring multiple images of Onody performing on 16 basses has over 1,176,333 million views. This includes Facebook (706K); YouTube (393K); Instagram (67K) and continues to grow across independent sites (10K)

In his second single “Crimson Wings”, Chance Wilder Onody performed all 64 parts of the Rock Symphony on Bass.  Doctor O. Kitajima stated “The recording is a Masterpiece starting with Onody’s brilliant arrangement”.  Onody had the great privilege of working with Doane Perry, Laughing Gull Studio, on this massive project, two musicians sounding like an entire orchestra and rock band.

Onody has had many milestone achievements in his young career.  Just within the last 5 years alone as a professional musician Onody has over 134 bass credits on commercially released recordings in the United States. Chance Wilder Onody has the rare distinction of being equally gifted on the Upright and Electric Bass which has earned him many endorsements and the respect of his peers. Since the age of 15, Onody's distinctive sound, creative hook lines, blistering improvisations and jaw dropping melodies, has him in high demand as a studio musician.

Chance Wilder Onody started his career in classical music and has performed many prestigious solo performances around the world. He was the first bass soloist since the great Gary Karr to perform with the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra with conductor Zun Hin Woo. He was the first bass soloist to ever perform with the Siam Sinfonietta in Thailand, with conductor S.P. Somtow. During that tour Onody also conducted his first International Bass Master Class for the Siam Philharmonic.

Onody's debut as a bass soloist took place on an international stage, at the age of seventeen, performing with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and the Irvine Young Concert Artists in Seoul, South Korea under the direction of Maestro Young Kyu Song and Executive Director Albert Wu.

Chance Wilder Onody has performed as Principal Bassist with over 21 symphonies and orchestras, currently sitting Principal Bass for OCMCO Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. His credits are long and impressive for such a young performer.

Besides his Solo Career, Onody also enjoys rocking the house with the rock group “chris  gerolmo and g.o.d.”.  Onody loves what he does and it shows, his enthusiasm is infectious and it's great to hear what fans have to say like, "WOW, Chance blew my mind, he's like Edger Meyer, Victor Wooten & Tony Levin rolled into one”, high praise that Chance appreciates and is humbled by, to be compared to such greats.


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Stay tuned to see what is happening, there are many exciting things unfolding in Chance Wilder Onody’s career as an Artist, Composer, Arranger, and Producer, along with his ventures into writing songs and scores for film. 


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