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Chance Wilder Onody's 




"Jaw-Dropping","I was amazed by this recording","He's the real deal","Mind-boggling" "Impressive EP"- Jonathan Moody (Bass Musician Magazine)

"Hot shot prodigy","A master of electric and acoustic bass" - Jon Liebman (For Bass Players Only)

"A certain masterpiece of ear candy spendidness","Chance's virtuosity...creating a driving composition that is both lush and magically orchestrated" - Core Redonnett (NS Design)

"Virtuoso", "Chance Onody is the best bass player in the whole world. And I'll stand on Stanley Clarke's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that"- Chris Gerolmo (Golden Globe Nominee, Emmy Nominee singer/songwriter)

"Chance is a prodigy, he plays like he's been playing for 30 years" - Doane Perry ( Jethro Tull )

"Chance is an extraordinary bass player - absolutely one of a kind. Super-talented musican and rare to find" - Doctor Osamu Kitajima

"Chance has three lifetimes of musical talent in a young body" - Harold "Hal" Henkel

"Heard Chance's recording today. I am humbled" - Toni Buffa

"Crimson Wings is a masterpiece, starting with Chance's arrangement" - Dr. O. Kitajima

"No one can deny what a great musician he is.  Really exceptional.  He's incredibly good.  In musician terms we call him a beast.  He's going to do great things, already is doing great things" - George Shelby

"Impressive! Its been a long wait for someone like this in the music industry, thank you!  Again Fantastic Music!" - Bruce Bernardini

There are so many great testimonials from so many listeners,

Chance is so grateful for the appreciation of his work and music:

"I think he is Genius";  "Chance has created a Masterpiece"; "A Tours de Force";

"A Statement Piece"; "Arrangement is Phenomenal"; "Musicianship is just Incredible"; 

"A piece of Art"; "One musician did all That!?;  Unbelievably Amazing!

Great Job"; "Maestro"; "Masterful"; "Just Brilliant".


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